Orchard Park Catering Service

Dedicated service and exceptional dining puts Country Club Catering of WNY at the top of the list of Orchard Park catering services. Choose from a wide variety of meal choices and customizable options to make your event perfect.  Executive chef Steven Ceccarelli creates delicious entrees, seasonal side dishes, hors d’oeuvres and desserts to suit any palate, with plating and presentation to impress all your guests.

Whether you are planning a small gathering of friends for a shower, a private event with colleagues and coworkers, or a full-scale wedding reception with hundreds of guests, Country Club Catering provides everything you need.  Plan your elegant sit-down dinner, start off a wonderful morning with a delicious breakfast, organize a casual, delectable brunch, or bring your party outside for a fun-filled picnic; whatever you are planning, Country Club Catering has satisfying, flavorful dishes to suit your event.

Read testimonials online to see how previous party planners, brides, families and businesses enjoyed their experience.  To start planning your event, call Country Club Catering of WNY today.